Meeting documents

Health & Wellbeing Board
Thursday, 30th January, 2014 4.30 pm

Civic Centre, Civic Suite, Committee Room

Attendance Details

Part I
733 Apologies and substitutions.
Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Courtenay (sub: Cllr Jarvis), Terry (sub: Cllr Chalk), Mr A Pike (sub: Mr P Toner), Ms S Morris (sub: Ms L Hembrough and Ms M Craig (no substitute).
734 Declarations of interest.
The following members declared interests:

(a) Councillor Salter - Agenda Item 8 (Draft Homelessness Prevention Strategy) - non-pecuniary interest - landlord;

(b) Councillor Borton - Agenda Item 8 (Draft Homelessness Prevention Strategy) - non-pecuniary interest - works for JobCentre Plus.
735 Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday, 20th November, 2013

That the minutes of the meeting held on 20th November 2013 be confirmed and signed as a correct record.
736 Pioneer/ Integration Progress
The Board considered a report from Katherine Marks which provided a summary of the proposed principles for future integration of health and social care and an update on the progress made since the achievement of Pioneer Status.

The Board asked a number of questions which were responded to accordingly. A key concern of the Board was the Board's relationship with the Strategic Alliance and how the groups aligns with the Board. It was explained that the the Strategic Alliance would take collective responsibility to drive forward the Board's priorities and expectations. The Board would have the overall strategic responsibility to deliver integrated approaches to local health and social care.

Dr Husselbee reported that the CCG Governing Body had considered earlier today the report and had agreed the proposed direction of travel.


1. That the proposals contained in the submitted report be endorsed.

2. That a more detailed progress report be brought to the Health & Wellbeing Board in March 2014.

3. That the Draft Better Care Fund Plan be brought to the Health & Wellbeing Board in February 2014.
737 Big Lottery/Fulfilling Lives Work
The Board considered a report from Simon Leftley which provided an update on progress of the Stage 2 Bid process to the Big Lottery Fund - Fullfilling Lives: A Better Start initiative. The final bid needs to be submitted by 12.00 noon on 28th February 2014.

The Board asked a number of questions which were responded to accordingly. Clarification was sought concerning a contingency plan if the bid to the Big Lottery Fund was not successful. The Board received assurances that contingency plans were in place and alternative approaches were being examined in the event that the bid was not successful. A report on this matter would be brought to the Board if the bid was not successful.

The Chief Executive, SBC, emphasised the ambition to become a Centre of Excellence for Early Years.


1. That the submitted report be noted.

2. That the final bid document to the BLF be circulated to all Board members for comments prior to submission to the BLF on 28th February 2014.
738 Draft priorities: Success For All Children's Plan
The Board considered a report from Darren McAughtrie which presented the draft priorities of the Children and Young People's Plan (CYPP) 2014/15 for discussion.

The Board was given assurance that the CYPP will link and have synergy with other strategies (e.g. Health & Wellbeing Strategy, Skills Strategy, Big Lottery Fund initiative, etc).

The Board suggested that the outcome around more effective use of the Pupil Premium Grant should feature more prominantly in the CYPP.

A concern was raised in respect to children with learning difficulties/ special educational needs and it was advised that this would be addressed by the outcomes associated with the priorities around CAMHS.


That the priorities, subject to minor amendments, contained in the submitted report be endorsed and the draft CYPP be brought to the Board in March 2014.
739 Southend Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
The Board considered a report from Andrea Atherton which advised of the Board's responsibility for Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) and the plans for its development.


1. That the responsibility to undertake a PNA be noted.

2. That the proposed governance arrangements detailed in the submitted report for the development of the Southend PNA be endorsed.
740 Draft Homelessness Prevention Strategy
The Board considered a report from Jacqui Lansley which presented the draft Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2014-2017 which reviews the current homelessness situation in Southend-on-Sea and sets out the Council's and partners approach to tackling this issue.

Jacqui Lansley provided clarification in respect to the following areas:

- SEPT procedures and hospital discharges of homeless people process/procedures/policies;
- Details of the supported accommodation provision in the borough;
- identified £50,000 savings;
-bed and breakfast accommodation from outside the borough
- actions being taken to address 'rough sleepers'.

The Board suggested two minor amendments to the strategy which would be reported to the Policy & Resources Scrutiny Committee meeting later this evening. The two amendments were:

(a) Change number 9 under the ten 'gold standard' challenges on page 27 to increase the age from 17 to 19;
(b) To add the following wording to bullet point 2 on page 38:

'Enable more affordable housing to be developed in Southend (Strategic Housing), possibly to be built/created by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.'


1. That the Homelessness Prevention Strategy and Action Plan, subject to minor amendments and the Council's decision making processes, be endorsed for final consultation with stakeholders.

2. That the strategic links between the Homelessness Prevention and Health and Wellbeing Strategy and future actions to realise shared ambitions be noted.
741 Public Health Responsibility Deal
The Board considered a report from Andrea Atherton which provided an update on the actions being taken to improve the health and wellbeing of local people through the establishment of a Public Health Responsibility Deal for Southend.


1. That the progress with the development of a Public Health Responsibility Deal for Southend be noted.

2. That the intention for Southend Council to become a signatory to the national Public Health Responsibility Deal in order to strengthen its work on population health improvement be noted.

3. That Board members encourage other organisations to sign up to the Public Health Responsibility Deal to take action to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff and customers.
742 Local Authority Tobacco Control Declaration
The Board considered a report from Andrea Atherton which provided information about the Local Government Declaration of Tobacco Control and sought support for Southend Council becoming a signatory to the Declaration.

The Board expressed a preference to sign up to a local declaration with clear actions.


1. That the content of the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control be noted.

2. That the development of a local tobacco control declaration with clear actions be taken forward.
743 Date and time of future meetings

That the forthcoming meetings as below be noted:

Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 2.00pm - Civic Suite, Committee Room 1
Wednesday 26th March 2014 at 2.30pm - Civic Suite, Committee Room 1.

Attendance Details

Councillor Salter (Chairman)
Councillors Borton, *Chalk, Holdcroft and *Jarvis
Mr R Tinlin (SBC), Mr S Leftley (SBC), Dr A Atherton (SBC), Dr B Agha (Southend CCG), Mr J Keay (Southend Healthwatch), *Mr P Toner(NHS England - Essex Area Team), Dr P Husselbee (Southend CCG), *Ms L Hembrough (SEPT - non-voting member) and *Ms J Totterdell (SUHFT - non voting member).

*Substitutes in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 31.
In attendance:
Mr D McAughtrie (SBC), Mr R Walters (SBC), Mr A Butteriss (SBC), Ms K Marks (SBC), Ms F Abbott (SBC) and Mr R Harris (SBC).


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