Meeting documents

Health & Wellbeing Board
Monday, 29th June, 2015 4.00 am

Seacole Room, Tickfield Centre, Southend-on-Sea

Attendance Details

Part I
94 Apologies and substitutions.
Apologies for absence were received from Ms S Morris (SEPT - sub: Mr M McCann), Mr R Tinlin (SBC), Dr J G Lobera (Southend CCG) and Mr A Pike/Mr A McIntyre (NHS England).
95 Declarations of interest.
The following members declared interests:

(a) Councillor Willis - Agenda Item 4 (Minutes of last meeting - reference to pharmaceutical needs assessment) - non-pecuniary interest - employed by Royal Pharmaceutical Society;

(b) Councillor Salter - Agenda items 4, 7, 8 and 9 - non-pecuniary interest - husband is Business Unit Director at Southend General Hospital for surgical services including oral surgery - urology and son-in-law is a GP in the borough;
96 Public Questions
The Board was advised that a public question had been received from Mr Ali which would be responded to in writing.
97 Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday, 25th March, 2015

That the minutes of the meeting held on 25th March 2015 be confirmed and signed as a correct record.
98 Care Act Update

1. That it be noted that phase 1 of the Care Act came into effect from 1st April 2015.

2. That the new duties and responsibilities on the local authority as well as extending existing responsibilities of the Care Act be noted.

3. That it be noted that Southend Borough Council was Care Act compliant on 1st April 2015.

4. That it be noted that the outcome of the consultation on phase 2 of the Care Act would be available in October 2015 and a report would be presented to the Board in December 2015.
99 Better Care Fund - Quarter 4 FY 2014 / 2015 return

1. That the BCF return for Quarter 4 2014/15 be noted.

2. That the proposed approval process for subsequent BCF quarterly returns as set out in the submitted report be endorsed.
100 Southend Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) emerging themes

1. That the update on the JSNA be noted.

2. That the JSNA be reviewed/refreshed every 3 years.
101 Health and Wellbeing Strategy Refresh 2015-2016, Broad Impact Goal performance indicators

1. That the indicators set out in Appendix 2, subject to further comments, be endorsed and a report be brought back to the Board to agree/sign-off the areas to be established to measure the progress of the HWB strategy 'Broad Impact Goals'.

2. That, following agreement of appropriate indicators, actions to drive forward improved performance be established and implemented and status be reported to future meetings of the Board from September 2015 onwards.

3. That the updated "Health and Wellbeing Strategy on a page" in Appendix 3 of the submitted report, be approved.
102 Older People Joint SBC/CCG Commissioning Strategy 2015-2018

That the Older People's Strategy, subject to full consideration of feedback received from members of the public and ongoing refreshment of the strategy document, be adopted.
103 Forward Plan

That the forward plan be noted.

Attendance Details

Councillor Moyies (Chairman)
Councillors Evans, Lamb, Longley, Velmurugan and Willis
Dr A Atherton (SBC), Mr J Cooke (Healthwatch Southend), Ms A Semmence (SAVS - non-voting member), Ms M Craig (Southend CCG), Dr K Chaturvedi (Southend CCG), *Mr M McCann (SEPT - non-voting member), Ms S Hardy (Southend Hospital - non-voting member), Mr S Leftley (SBC), Mr N Leitch (Pre-School Learning Alliance)

*Substitute in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 31.
In attendance:
Mr R Harris (SBC), Mr R Walters (SBC), Mr N Faint (SBC), Ms S Baker (SBC), Ms F Abbott (SBC), Mr C Cormack (observer Southend CCG - non-voting), Councillor Salter (observer - Chairman of People Scrutiny Committee - non-voting).


97The Board received two updates in respect of vascular services and safeguarding which had not been included on the agenda for this meeting.

The CCG Accountable Officer provided assurances that no decision has been taken in respect to the transfer of vascular services from Southend.

The HWB Advisor reported that a proposed approach to the Board's role in respect of safeguarding was being developed and would be presented back to a future meeting of the Board.
98The Board considered a report of the Corporate Director for People which provided an update on the implementation of the Care Act in Southend.

The Board asked a number of questions concerning safeguarding, carers, universal deferred payment scheme and the funding caps which were responded to by officers.

The Board noted that there was an intensive training programme across partners (CCG, GPs, Council, etc) on the Care Act changes and the implications.
99The Board considered a joint report of the Corporate Director for People and Chief Officer, Southend CCG, which presented the Better Care Fund quarter 4 2014/15 return.

The Board asked a number of questions concerning emergency admissions and non-elective admissions which were responded to by officers.

The Board noted that the BCF funding was aligned to financial years (April to March).
100The Board received a verbal report on the JSNA covering the statistical performance data on 'health and wellbeing across the lifecourse' and the 'wider determinants of health'. A chart showing the headline data was also provided.

The Board asked a number of questions concerning Southend's age profile, life expectancy of people with mental health conditions and childhood obesity which were responded to by officers.

The Director of Public Health sought the Board's views on the timescales for conducting a full review / refresh of the JSNA and suggested that every 3 years would be an appropriate period of time.
101The Board considered a report from the Partnership Advisor, Health & Wellbeing, which presented the draft performance indicators and areas for measuring the progress of Southend's Health & Wellbeing Strategy refresh 'Broad Impact Goals' for 2015/16.

The Board asked a number of questions which were responded to by officers.
102The Board considered a joint report of the Corporate Director for People and Chief Officer of Southend CCG which outlined the key principles of the proposed Older People Joint SBC/CCG Strategy 2015-2018.

The Board asked a question concerning the future provision of 7 day services which was responded to be officers.
103The Board considered the Forward Plan of Board activity for the period April 2014 to December 2015.

The Board noted that the HWB Peer challenge follow up visit was taking place on 21st and 22nd July 2015 and partners/Board members will have received a pre-visit questionnaire.


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