Meeting documents

Traffic Regulations Working Party
Thursday, 12th March, 2015 6.00 am

Jubilee Room, Civic 1, Civic Campus, Southend

Attendance Details

Part I
1 Apologies and substitutions.
Apologies for absence were received from Councillor J L Lamb (substitute: Councillor Courtenay).
2 Declarations of interest.
The following interests were declared at the meeting:

(a) Councillor Aylen - Agenda Item No. 6 (Verge Hardening Consultation) - Non-pecuniary: a resident in Dundonald Drive is known to him;

(b) Councillor Norman MBE - Agenda Item No. 5 (Petition Regarding Provision of a School Crossing Patrol and Enforcement Activity - Darlinghurst School) - Non-pecuniary: Wife is a governor and 2 grandchildren attend the school.
3 Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday, 5th January, 2015

That the Minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 5th January 2015 be received and confirmed as a correct record.
4 Southsea Avenue - Experimental Traffic Regulation Order

1. That the Cabinet Committee be recommended that the proposed waiting restrictions in Southsea Avenue not be made permanent at this time and that the experimental order remain in effect, to enable further investigations into the practicalities of introducing suitable one-way traffic flows in Southsea Avenue and Leighville Grove.

2. That a further report on the one-way traffic flows be submitted to the next meeting of the Traffic & Parking Working Party and Cabinet Committee.
5 Petition Regarding Provision of a School Crossing Patrol and Enforcement Activity - Darlinghurst School

1. That the concerns of the Working Party be forwarded to the Cabinet Committee for consideration.

2. That the Cabinet Committee be recommended that a full review of school travel plans be undertaken in conjunction with the relevant officers of the local education authority to formulate a strategy to address and prevent similar problems occurring at other school locations within the Borough.
6 Verge Hardening Consultation

1. That the outcome of the consultation as set out in section 4 of the report be noted.

2. That the Cabinet Committee be recommended that the verge hardening measures as set out in paragraph 4.3 of the report be implemented in Rockleigh Avenue and Woodfield Road.

3. That the Cabinet Committee be recommended to undertake further consultation in Brunswick Road, Dundonald Drive and Bridgwater Drive to identify appropriate treatments for the sections of roads particularly affected.
7 Members Requests List

That the Cabinet Committee be recomended:

1. That the Corporate Director for Place be authorised to advertise the necessary traffic regulation orders as appropriate in relation to the following proposals and, subject to there being no objections received following statutory advertisement, to arrange for the orders to be sealed and the proposals implemented:

14/29 - Amend existing waiting restrictions in Hobleythick Lane 60 minute waiting limit 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays;
14/31 - Extend junction protection Crosby Road/Chalkwell Avenue;
14/40 - Amend existing limited waiting restriction in Sutton Road near Victory Sports Ground to 1 hour from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays;
14/32 - Remove existing waiting restriction and replace with drop off area at Chalkwell Station;
14/41 - Reduce existing waiting restrictions in Oakleigh Avenue;
14/42 - Provide junction protection at all restricted junctions with Eagle Way, Shoeburyness;
14/46(a) - Amend existing limited waiting restrictions to 2 hours in Southchurch Road and to exclude Sundays;
14/46(b) - Remove school keep clear markings and waiting restrictions outside the former St Hildas School in Imperial Avenue.

2. That no further action be taken in respect of the following requests for the reasons stated in the report:

14/30 - Relocate limited waiting bay and extend junction protection at The Crossways;
14/36 - One way traffic flows in Dalmatia Road, Chinchilla Road, Surbiton Road and Lovelace Gardens;
14/45(b) - Removal of traffic calming measures in Bournemouth Park Road;
14/48 - Protect driveways on the north side of the section of Colbert Avenue from Burgess Terrace to opposite Warwick Road by adding white bar protection.

3. That the investigations regarding request Ref No. 14/10 regarding the installation of a pedestrian crossing in Hadleigh Road, Leigh on Sea at St Michaels School continue.

4. That request Ref No. 14/15 regarding the widening of the pedestrian refuge Ness Road, Shoeburyness be further investigated to identified an appropriate solution.

5. That request Ref No. 14/33 regarding the reconsideration of the implementation of waiting restrictions in High Street, Shoeburyness be deferred pending a full detailed report to the next meeting.

6. That the Corporate Director for Place be authorised to prepare take the necessary steps to introduce an appropriate permit parking scheme restricting parking to one hour, except residents displaying a valid permit, to operate from 7.00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays in Milton Road, Lydford Road and Winton Avenue;

7. That the Corporate Director for Place be authorised to advertise an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order to tackle traffic management issues arising from the expansion of The Federation of Thorpe Schools, Greenways providing waiting restrictions to deter teacher parking in Greenways, Colbert Avenue, Wyatts Drive and Meadow Drive.

8. That the following requests be retained on the list for further investigation and consideration at the next meeting:

14/20 - Provide waiting restrictions at the eastern extremity of Riviera Drive;
14/23 - Provide 1 hour parking restrictions and junction protection Dale Road, Dynevor Gardens, Crescent Road and Western Road, Leigh-on-Sea with longer term request to treat all of area (Tattersall Gardens to Hadleigh Road, south of London Road);
14/24 - Increase existing 5m junction protection Cottesmore Gardens, Quorn Gardens and Tattersall Gardens junctions with Western Road, Leigh-on-Sea;
14/28 - Overnight restriction on vehicles in Belfairs Park Drive (cul-de-sac);
14/34 - Install pedestrian crossing, northern end of The Fairway (alternative solution to be investigated);
14/37 - petition for safety measures in the Poets' Estate;
14/38 - Waiting restrictions in Eastern Close;
14/44 - Introduce yellow line restrictions to improve visibility at a busy entrance/exit to a commercial parking forecourt in Grove Walk, Shoeburyness (status of highway to be clarified);
14/45(a) - Removal of waiting restrictions in the section of The Fairway between nos 22-46 The Fairway;
14/47 - Amend waiting restrictions in Walton Road, Lynton Road and Clievedon Road to 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. June to August, introduce the same restriction on the west side of Colbert Avenue from the west side of Burgess Terrace to the east side of Warwick Road and on the south side of Colbert Avenue, together with a double yellow line waiting restriction on the north side of Colbert Avenue to prevent parking on the bend.
6.00 p.m./9.20 p.m.

Attendance Details

Councillor M W Terry (Chairman),
Councillors D A Norman MBE (Vice-Chairman), S T Aylen, T Callaghan, J L Courtenay*, J M Garston, D J Jarvis, G E Longley
(*Substitute in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 31)
In attendance:
Councillors M Assenheim, B Ayling, M A Betson, M Butler, L Davies, L P Salter, M Stafford, J G StJ. Ware-Lane, P A Wexham, R A Woodley
P Geraghty, Z Ali, C Hindle-Terry and T Row


4The Working Party received a report of the Corporate Director for Place that appraised Members of the representations that had been received in response to the statutory consultation for the experimental traffic regulation order amending existing waiting restrictions and introducing new waiting restrictions in Southsea Avenue, Leigh-on-Sea and, after having considered those representations, including those made at the meeting, sought appropriate recommendation to the Cabinet Committee.
5The Working Party considered a report of the Corporate Director for Place that informed Members of the receipt of a petition comprising 277 signatures requesting the provision of a School Crossing Patrol Officer and parking enforcement activity in the area of Darlinghurst School and which sought appropriate recommendation to the Cabinet Committee.

The Traffic & Parking Working expressed its concern at the possibility of setting a precedent for the provision of school crossing patrols at other locations within the Borough.

6The Working Party received a report of the Corporate Director for Place that appraised members of the outcome of the verge hardening consultation and which sought the Working Party's views for consideration by the Cabinet Committee.
7The Cabinet Committee received a report of the Corporate Director for Place that appraised Members of the requests received from Members of the Council together with officers' recommendations relating to those requests. An additional sheet setting out the details of further requests that had been received since the publication of the report was circulated at the meeting. The Chairman had agreed that these be considered at this meeting as urgent additional matters to enable a decision to be made at the earliest opportunity.


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