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Health & Wellbeing Board
Wednesday, 25th September, 2013 2.30 pm

Southend Health and Wellbeing Board Minutes

Wednesday, 24th July, 2013
Civic Suite, Civic Centre, Committee Room 3

Attendance Details

Part I
203 Apologies and substitutions.
Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Courtenay and Terry (no substitutes), Mr A Pike (sub: Ms C Mcleod) and Ms J Totterdell.

Apologies were also received from Councillor Kaye (observer).
204 Declarations of interest.
There were no declarations of interest at this meeting.
205 Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday, 5th June, 2013
  • Minutes

That the minutes of the meeting held on 5th June 2013 be confirmed as a correct record and signed.
206 Hughes-Hallett Independent Commission into Health & Social Care Emergent Findings
The Board received a verbal update from Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett on the Independent Commission which looked at health and social care across Essex launched at Chelmsford on 25th January 2013. The 'Who Will Care' commission looked at the future of health and social care in the county and gathered evidence across Essex from health and social care professionals, providers and practitioners as well as members of the public and voluntary and community sectors through a range of public events.

The Commission examined three specific issues as part of the review:

• how to ensure that early intervention - an approach that improves outcomes for individuals and can also reduce demand for more costly services - can become more commonplace;
• how Essex can create the conditions for greater joining up of services across the system of health and social care in the future; and
• how communities and individuals can develop the capacity to play an active role in the health and social care system.

Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett also drew attention to some initial findings from the public events, which included:

• A scheme on Canvey Island called ‘Little Acts of Kindness' which was run by local residents to visit vulnerable people to offer support and help. this was setup by local residents independent of the activity of the Health and Wellbeing Board and related services.

• 55 people made up of residents and voluntary and community group representatives spent 1 day with the total Essex budget for health and social care to identify how they would allocate/spend this budget. There were some interesting outcomes from this event, e.g. the majority of representatives identified more resources allocated to adult social care with less resources provided to hospitals. The findings from the event would be included as an appendix to the 'Who Will Care' Commission report.

• There was anecdotal evidence which suggested a shift in how individuals access or get information about health related issues. The ‘top three' in order of preference were: Pharmacy, GP's and Google.

• There was an acceptance from individuals of their responsibility for their own health.

The ‘Who will Care' commission report was due to be published on/around 12th September 2013. Sir Hughes-Hallett briefly outlined the 5 core recommendations, which were:-

• To agree a new contract between Essex and its citizens;
• To have clear leadership, vision and accountability;
• To prevent unnecessary crisis and care;
• Communications to play a greater role; and
• Improving data sharing across health and other public sector organisations.


1. That Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett be thanked for attending to present an overview of the ‘Who Will Care' Independent Commission into health and social care across Essex.

2. That the 'Who Will Care' commission report be considered at the next meeting of the Board.
207 Joint Mental Health Strategy Update
The Board received a verbal update from Simon Leftley on the Joint Mental Health Strategy which sets out the approach to the commissioning of Mental Health services in South Essex (across Southend, Essex and Thurrock) and how mental health services would be shaped over the next 3 to 5 years. The latest draft version of the Strategy was circulated at the meeting.

The Board noted that there was general support in South Essex for the Strategy and its core aims to improve the gateway to services and to deliver more recovery focussed services. There was also a strong appetite to develop a single mental health commissioning route across Southend, Essex and Thurrock.

The Board was advised that the Joint Mental Health Strategy formed an Executive Function of the Council and would be submitted to Southend Council's Cabinet on 5th November 2013 for adoption/approval.


That the Joint Mental Health Strategy be reviewed by the Board at its next meeting in September 20013 and any additions be incorporated into the Strategy prior to submission to the Council's Cabinet in November 2013.
208 Winterbourne View
The Board considered a report from Simon Leftley which provided an overview of the initial stocktake of progress on the Transforming Care: National Review into Winterbourne View Hospital and progress against the key Winterbourne View Concardat Commitment.

Sally Morris, SEPT, provided assurances that there were no local concerns or issues in respect to any of Southend's patients.


That the report be noted.
209 Health & Social Care integration Pioneers
The Board received a verbal update from Ade Butteriss on progress with the Health & Social Integration Pioneers application bid, discussed and agreed by the Board at its previous meeting.

The bid had been submitted to the DoH and was based on Southend's ground-breaking integration work. The Board noted that the DoH had received 111 applications. The DoH was currently assessing the applications and their decision on successful applications would be made in September 2013.


That an update on the application for Southend to become a Health & Social Integration Pioneer be provided to the September Board meeting.
210 Commissioning Relationships and Responsibilities
The Board received a diagram from Andrea Atherton which illustrated the relationships and responsiblities across the health sector, public bodies, etc.

Members discussed their role and responsiblities to deliver improved outcomes for the health and wellbeing of the borough and stressed that if the Board was to function properly it should:

• Receive comprehensive information on progress and performance against the Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy and its action plans and have the ability to pro-actively drive forward improvements;
• Identify the key health issues in the borough where the Board, as a partnership, can make a real and significant impact to the lives of its residents;
• Identify the issues/areas that can only be delivered in partnership; and
• Identify the areas/issues which the Board can take forward 'above and beyond' current provision and the Board's added value to improving health and wellbeing in the borough.

Melanie Craig also highlighted the Board's role in scrutinising and reviewing Southend CCG plans such as the Urgent Care Plan and the CCG's commissioning plans for the next financial year.


1. That the Southend Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy and its action plans be reviewed at the next meeting of the Board, covering the areas raised above under the four bullet points.

2. That the Southend CCG Urgent Care Plan and commissioning plan/intentions for the next financial year be presented to the next meeting of the Board.
211 Forward Plan
The Board received the forward plan of Board activity for the period 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014. This was a rolling plan and would be added to/changed as and when required.

Members stressed that the Forward Plan should be more comprehensive and developed further to take into account the matters raised in Agenda Item 8 (Commissioning Relationships and Responsibilities) above.


That the Forward Plan be updated to include matters raised at this meeting and any further additions or changes be sent to the HWB Partnership Advisor before the Board meeting in September.
212 Date and time of future meetings

That the date and time of future meetings be agreed as set out below:

Wednesday 25th September 2013 at 2.30pm - Civic Centre

Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 2.30pm

Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 2.00pm

Attendance Details

Councillor Salter (Chairman)
Councillors Borton, Holdcroft and Longley
Mr R Tinlin (SBC), Mr S Leftley (SBC), Dr A Atherton (SBC), Dr P Husselbee (Southend CCG), Ms M Craig (Southend CCG), Dr B Agha (Southend CCG), Mr J Keay (Southend Healthwatch), Ms Christine Macleod (NHS England - Essex Area Team), Ms S Morris (SEPT - non-voting member)
In attendance:
R Harris (SBC), Ms F Abbott (SBC), Mr R Walters (SBC), Mr A Butteriss (SBC), Sir T Hughes-Hallett (Agenda Item 4 only - Independent Commission into Health & Social Care Emergent Findings).


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