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Health & Wellbeing Board
Wednesday, 25th March, 2015 3.45 pm

Southend Health and Wellbeing Board Minutes

Tuesday, 10th February, 2015
Leigh Community Centre, 71-73 Elm Road, LOS

Attendance Details

Part I
632 Apologies and substitutions.
Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Callaghan (no substitute), Ms S Hardy (substitute: Mr J Findlay), Ms A Atherton (substitute: Mr J Williams).
633 Declarations of interest.
634 Minutes of the Meeting held on Wednesday, 3rd December, 2014
  • Minutes

That the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd December 2014 be confirmed and signed as a correct record.
635 Public Questions
636 Strategic Direction

1. That the recommendations contained in the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health be endorsed.

2. That Southend's Health and Wellbeing Strategy be refreshed in two stages, set out below:

a) Short term refresh from April 2015 to April 2016 (as set out in appendix 1 to the submitted report);

b) Longer term priorities to then be developed for 2016-2020.

3. That the nine ambitions within the current Strategy be retained for 2015/16 in addition to the three new "broad impact" goals, as follows:

a) Increased Physical Activity (prevention);
b) Increased Aspiration and Opportunity (addressing inequality);
c) Increased Personal Responsibility and Participation (sustainability).
637 Recent Issues affecting Southend Hospital

1. That the presentation from Mr Findlay on the recent issues affecting Southend Hopsital be noted.

2. That the appreciation of the Board in the way that the challenges were dealt with be extended to Southend Hospital staff and health colleagues (GPs, CCG, etc).
638 Proposed New HWB Report Format

That the proposed new HWB report format be endorsed.
639 HWB/Scrutiny Protocol

That the HWB/Scrutiny Protocol be endorsed.
640 HWB Forward Plan

That the Forward Plan be noted and updated accordingly.

Attendance Details

Councillor D Norman MBE (Chairman)
Councillors Evans, Lamb, Longley and Velmurugan
Mr R Tinlin (SBC), Mr S Leftley (SBC), *Mr J Williams (SBC), Mr C Cormack (Southend CCG), Ms M Craig (Southend CCG), Mr J G Lobera (Southend CCG), Ms A Semmence (SAVS - non-voting member), Mr J Keay (Healthwatch Southend), *Mr J Findlay (SUHFT - non-voting member) and Mr N Leitch (Pre-School Learning Alliance - non-voting member).

*Substitutes in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 31.
In attendance:
Mr R Harris (SBC), Mr R Walters (SBC), Councillor Moyies (observer - Chairman of People Scrutiny Committee), Dr K Chaturvedi (Southend CCG - observer)


633There were no declarations of interest at this meeting.
635The Chairman advised that the two public questions received from Mr Ali were not within the Board's remit as they related directly to Southend CCG and NHS England as commissioners of GP Services.

A response to the questions would be provided to Mr Ali in writing.
636a) Annual Public Health Report

The Board considered a report which presented the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health.

The Board asked a number of questions which were responded to by Mr J Williams. The Board also made the following comments:

• Action be taken by the Councils Public Health Department to work with NHS England to raise awareness of the national vaccination programme to protect people aged 65 and over against pneumonia;
• Prevalence of dementia was moving in the right direction (58.1% against the national target of 66.7%);
• Clarification from NHS England on their position regarding chemists/pharmacies providing flu vaccinations should be sought. (The Board noted that this was a national contract issue as GP's were responsible for administering flu vaccinations. Discussions were taking place at national level on ways to extend the coverage).

b) HWB Strategy Refresh Process/Approach

The Board considered a report from the Partnership Advisor, HWB, which sought approval for the recommended approach to refresh Southend's Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2015/16 and beyond.

The Board was asked to note that since the last meeting Southend's Better Care Fund (BCF) submission had now been "fully approved".
637The Board received a powerpoint presentation from Mr J Findlay on the recent issues affecting Southend Hospital. A copy of the presentation slides were circulated at the meeting.

The Board asked a number of questions which were responded to by Mr Findlay.

The Board noted Southend Hospital's significant challenges, particularly in emergency admissions, during the period 29th December 2014 to 8th January 2015 and commended the hospital in rising to the challenges. The Board also thanked Mr Findley for the comprehensive presentation.
638The Board considered the draft proposed new Board report format/template which would be adopted for use at all future Health & Wellbeing Board meetings.
639The Board considered the proposed framework/protocol which outlines the complementary roles and responsibilities of Health Scrutiny and Southend's Health & Wellbeing Board.
640The Board considered the Forward Plan of Board activity for the period 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015. This was a rolling plan and would be updated/changed as and when required.

The Board identified the following matters to be added to the Forward Plan:
• BCF;
• Section 75 Local Authority agreements with CCG/Health providers;
• Mental Health - Addressing the local issues/needs;
• Early Years Programme governance arrangements;


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