Document V2Street Bid Under the Innovate UK Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Call

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V2Street Bid Under the Innovate UK Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Call

The Deputy Chief Executive (Place) authorised:

The submission of the above bid under the LIFE Programme, prior to the deadline of 18th October 2017, for £1.5m over 18 months. If successful the collaborative research and development project will enable the Council to develop its understanding of how electric vehicles will affect the local grid, to establish business models to use electric vehicles to save money and to justify investment in the charging infrastructure and to unlock the electric vehicle market for up to 40% of households who are currently locked out. The Council will receive £60k to fund the work which will be undertaken by the Energy & Sustainability, Smart City and Highways Teams working together on a 100% basis (no match funding required)

(Reported to Cabinet at its meeting on Tuesday, 9th January 2018)


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