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New Waste Collection Services Policies (Wheeled Bin Suitability Criteria)

Meeting: 30/01/2024 - Cabinet (Item 88)

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Report of Executive Director (Environment and Place)

Additional documents:


The Cabinet considered a report of the Executive Director (Environment and Place) presenting the Wheeled Bin Suitability Criteria Policy which is required in order to implement the delivery of a transformed Recycling and Waste service, moving from a weekly sack service to a fortnightly wheeled bin service.  An updated version of the policy was circulated to Councillors at the meeting.


On consideration of the report a number of questions were asked by Councillors and responded to by the Leader of the Council and officers.


Arising from discussion, it was noted that in order to identify HMOs the Council would, in the first instance, utilise council tax records and planning related documentation as part of the desktop study in the context of the wider property assessment, to ensure they receive the correct service for their needs.




That the overarching Wheeled Bin Suitability Criteria Policy, as circulated at the meeting, setting out how the Council and its recycling and waste collection contractor will assess properties in Southend-on-Sea City for their suitability to receive and accommodate wheeled bins for the collection of household recycling and waste under the new services to be rolled out during 2025, be approved.


Reasons for decision:


To give clarity and transparency on the approach to be taken for the procurement, and the delivery of the service.


Other options:




Note: this is an Executive Function

Not eligible for call-in.

Cabinet Member: Cllr Davidson


Meeting: 25/01/2024 - Place Scrutiny Committee (Item 37)

37 New Waste Collection Service Policies (Wheeled Bin Suitability Criteria) pdf icon PDF 100 KB

Report of Executive Director (Environment & Place)

Additional documents:


The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director (Environment & Place), presenting a wheeled bin suitability criteria policy required as part of the implementation of the transformed recycling and waste service from a weekly sack service to a fortnightly wheeled bin service. A copy of the draft policy was attached to the submitted report at Appendix 1.  Examples of the wheeled bins were displayed at the meeting.


The Committee discussed the matter in some detail and asked a number of questions which were responded to by the Cabinet Member for Environment, the Leader of the Council and officers.


Concerns were expressed at the apparent lack of detail within the report and the number of issues regarding the delivery of the transformed service that remained unclear and unresolved. In respect of the draft suitability criteria policy, the issues included:


- more information was needed regarding the assessments of properties eg how would they be undertaken and who would undertake the assessments;

- clarification of the appeals process was required, including timescales, who administers the process and the validity of any appeal eg should the homeowner not wish to alter their front garden to accommodate the wheeled bins, how vulnerable residents or residents who need support can appeal;

- the size of the bins and space required for their storage was unclear;

- details regarding the storage of bins at the rear of properties and how they could be brought to the front ready for waste collection required clarification;

- more information was needed in respect of those vulnerable residents with additional needs or require additional support;

- more information/clarity was needed regarding the special kerbside process eg residents eligible for this may not have enough space to store 2 weeks of waste;

- more clarification was needed about HMOs and split-level conversions, where storage space is shared;

- the details of collection points of the bins was unclear, how were properties assessed, who undertakes the assessment; and

- clarification was needed when the refuse vehicles were unable to access the collection point for the bins.


The Committee was informed that there were a further suite of policies being developed to support the transformation of the waste collection service and that a delay in finalising the policy was highly likely to impact the procurement timetable.


On the basis of the information contained within the report and that there were a number of issues that required further clarification, the Committee:




That Cabinet be recommended not to adopt the draft wheeled bin suitability criteria policy as set out in Appendix 1 to the submitted report and that the matter be referred to the Environment Working Party for consideration.


Note:  This is an Executive function

Not eligible for call-in as the matter has been subject to pre-Cabinet scrutiny.

Cabinet Member: Councillor Davidson.


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