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Report to the Trustees of the Beecroft Trust

Report to follow


The Committee considered a report by Steve Newman the (Council’s Interim Team Leader, Corporate Property & Asset Management), Rosemary Pennington (Head of Arts and Cultural Wellbeing) and Laurie Gibbins (Solicitor) which was introduced by the Executive Director (Legal and Democratic Services).


The report, along with the Minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee (19 November 2020), afforded the Place Scrutiny Committee the opportunity to make recommendations to full Council (in its capacity as sole trustee of the Beecroft Art Trust) on several key issues.




That the report be noted and that the following recommendations of the General Purposes Committee, from its meeting held on 19th November 2020 (Minute 559 refers), be endorsed:


“1. That it be noted that the scheme to provide affordable artist studios in the Former Gallery was unachievable and unviable.


2. That the Council as Trustee of the Beecroft Art Trust be recommended to sell the Former Gallery and the Council should be offered first refusal to purchase at full market value, subject to charity law requirements.


3. That the Council as Trustee of the Beecroft Art Trust be recommended to retain the Beecroft art collection in the former library building on an ad hoc basis, pending a more permanent solution which should be possible once the proceeds of sale from the Former Gallery have been received.


4. That the Council as Trustee agrees that all reasonable and proper costs expended by the Council on behalf of the Trust, associated with the sale of the Former Gallery and the acquisition of an alternative property, will be met from the proceeds of sale of the Former Gallery, subject to the Charity Commission’s consent.


5. That the Council as Trustee seeks to amend the Commission Scheme dated 18th February 1980 to remove the Former Gallery from the Commission Scheme and ensure the Trust continues to adhere to the Objects of the Trust.”


Note: This is Council function.

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