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Requests for Traffic and Parking Items


The Working Party received a report of the Executive Director (Neighbourhoods and Environment) that presented a number of requests that had been set out in the Notice of Motion submitted to Council at its meeting on Tuesday 17th December 2019 (Minute 605 refers).  The Council had referred the requests to the Traffic Regulations Working Party and Cabinet Committee in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 8.4.


With reference to the request to review junction of Maya Close with Ness Road, Shoeburyness, the Working Party noted that this matter had now been approved and the scheme would be implanted shortly.


With reference to the request to introduce safety improvements at the junction of Royston Avenue and Eastern Avenue, the Working Party noted that these works were already underway.


With reference to the request to erect bollards along the kerbs in Highlands area of the London Road, Leigh-on-Sea outside the shops to prevent vehicles mounting and driving along the pavement to park outside the shops and the removal of the pavement crossing south of the Parade, the Working Party noted that trees would be planted as an alternative to bollards.




1.  That Cabinet Committee be recommended that the following requests be considered as part of the development of the Parking Strategy currently being developed:


·  St Mary's Road & St Benet's Road Short stay parking spaces - Increase permitted parking time from one hour to two hours and retain no return within four hours;


· Priory Avenue near the junction with St Benet's Road - Remove stretch of double yellow lines on the west side of Priory Avenue alongside the newsagents, to create two short stay parking spaces (maximum stay 30 minutes);


·  Galton Road, Imperial Avenue, Crowstone Road, Alleyn Place - Consultation on one hour parking restriction for one side of each road only. This is to include new layout of the existing / proposed yellow lines staggered on either side of the roads to also provide traffic calming.


2.  That Cabinet Committee be recommended that no further action be taken in respect of the following requests at this time:


·  A127 Kent Elms Corner (major scheme) - The length of the carriage way set aside to merge three lanes into one at Kent Elms Corner that the scheme be reviewed with a view to identifying the impact of making the Southend bound, inside lane left hand turn only;


·  Ness Road / Campfield Road / Seaview Road / Grove Walk – Improve the junction to cope with the expected increase in traffic from the construction the of Lidl store with its 140 car parking spaces;


·  Ness Road roundabout by the Bridge Garage - Widen the exit off the roundabout and increase the space of the pedestrian refuge which carries 40ft lorries all day long and 5 buses in each direction every hour mounting the kerb;


·  Campfield Road and New Garrison Road – Improve the junction and the Hinguar School Roundabout to allow for deliveries to the new Lidl store;


·  Riviera Drive – Introduce 1 hour parking restriction between 09:00 - 10:00 on the new parking bays;


·  Vickers Road, Avro Road, Wilmott Road and Bristol Road – Time restriction or other residents backed permit parking scheme; and


·  Highlands Boulevard at the junction of Dundee Close, - installation of yellow box junction markings.


3.  That Cabinet Committee be recommended to note that the following schemes, be included in the Borough-wide review of junction protection restrictions scheduled to commence in 2020/21:


·  Junction of Eastwood Road North & Chalfont Close – Install double yellow lines; and


·  Thorpe Hall Avenue / Woodgrange Drive junction (southbound) – Install junction protection on the roundabout just below the railway bridge.


4.  That Cabinet Committee be recommended that the request to review the parking restrictions in Mountdale Gardens, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent and Surrey Avenues to deter inconsiderate parking at school drop-off and pick-up times be reviewed and reported to a future meeting of the Traffic Regulations Working Party and Cabinet Committee for determination in 2020/21. In the meantime, the CCTV enforcement vehicle will increase in patrols in this area at peak school dropping off and picking up times.

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