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Southend 2050 Update

31/07/2020 - Southend 2050 Update

The Cabinet considered a report of the Executive Director (Transformation) presenting the first stage of the review and refresh of Southend 2050 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and set out how the Council will use the Southend 2050 and Transforming Together programmes to drive recovery and build on some positive aspects of the pandemic, including community mobilisation, adaptation of services and more effective remote working.




1. That, in the light of the impact of Covid-19, the proposed review and refresh of the Southend 2050 outcomes and high-level roadmap milestones, including the use of the Southend 2050 programme to drive the Borough and Council’s recovery phase, be approved.


2. That the associated programme of work, Transforming Together, which is a transformation group and programme of activity, internal to the Council, be noted.


3. That Cabinet receives further developed work on the review and refresh of the Southend 2050 outcomes and associated roadmap milestones at the September meeting.


2.4. That it be noted that the Southend 2050 roadmap milestones will form part of future reports that update on Southend’s recovery journey in order for responsive developments.


5. That it be noted that Covid-19 is presenting lots of unknowns, as a result 2050 needs to be flexible to deal with the challenges and therefore our outcomes will need to be responsive to the changing situations.


6. That the performance and measures of success and progress to achieve 2050 continue to be reported through the quarterly Outcome Success Measures Report, reported 4 times a year to Cabinet.


Other options:


The Council could choose not to review its current ambition and desired outcomes. This would mean failing to set out the huge impact the crises has had on the Borough, its people and the Council and the Council’s approach to recovery. A review of the current 2050 ambition and outcomes would most likely be required in any case, given they were agreed in 2018.


Reasons for Recommendations:


To ensure the Council has an opportunity to review action taken to date to tackle the Covid-19 crises and to consider the appropriate approach to be taken to enable the Borough and Council to recover.


Note: This is an Executive Function

Eligible for call-in to: All three Scrutiny Committees

Cabinet Member: Cllr Gilbert



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