Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Feed and Food Service Plan 2021/2224/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Dog Friendly Beach24/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Old Leigh PSPO24/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Culture-led Regeneration and the Town Centre14/05/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Selective Licensing14/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Community Renewal Fund14/05/2021For Determination
Maintained School Term Dates 2022/2314/05/2021For Determination13/01/2022
School Admissions Arrangements for Community Schools14/05/2021For Determination13/01/2022
School Admissions Arrangements for Community Schools14/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Waste Collection Services14/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Public Toilet Provision14/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Council Debt Management - Position to 31st March 202114/05/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Emergency Active Travel Fund14/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Flood & Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme14/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Draft Parking Stategy14/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Highway Safety Improvements14/05/2021For Determination02/11/2021
Vehicle Crossover Policy14/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Annual Safeguarding Report14/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Corporate Risk Register14/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Treasury Management - Quarter one 2021/2214/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Resourcing Better Outcomes - Financial Performance Report for July 2021 (Period 4)14/05/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Annual Treasury Management Report 2020/2114/05/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Resourcing Better Outcomes - Outturn 2020/2114/05/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Management Arrangements14/05/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Southend Airport Recovery14/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Levelling Up Fund Applications14/05/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Annual Public Health Report09/05/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Miscellaneous Land, Leasing and Property Transactions (including at the Victoria Centre)10/04/2021For Determination
Conservation Area Appraisals10/04/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Hamlet Court Road Proposed Conservation Area10/04/2021For Determination27/07/2021
PSP Southend LLP Update10/04/2021For Determination27/07/2021
Seaway Leisure10/04/2021For Determination27/07/2021
ASELA Governance10/04/2021For Determination15/06/2021
SGO Updated Policy10/04/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Electric Vehicle Charging Policy10/04/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Southend New Local Plan10/04/2021For Determination15/06/2021
SBC SCL Partnership Agreement10/04/2021For Determination14/09/2021
Disabled Facilities Grant Policy10/04/2021For Determination15/06/2021
COVID Update03/03/2021For Determination15/06/2021
Additional Restrictions Grant Discretionary Policy12/02/2021UrgentFor Determination
Kickstart Funding Agreements13/01/2021UrgentFor Determination
Airport Business Park - Plot Specific Land Agreements13/01/2021For Determination
DfT - Active Travel Fund - Tranche 2 Grant Award14/12/2020For Determination
SARCC - Sustainable and Resilient Coastal Cities - EU Project14/12/2020For Determination
The Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme - Expression of Interest11/12/2020For Determination
Better Queensway14/08/2020For Determination
Emergency Active Travel Fund26/06/2020For Determination


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