Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Kickstart Funding Agreements13/01/2021UrgentFor Determination
Lundy Close15/01/2021For Determination23/02/2021
Land at 21a Southchurch Avenue - Marine Plaza13/01/2021For Determination
Airport Business Park - Plot Specific Land Agreements13/01/2021For Determination
Outcome Success Measures Report11/01/2021For Determination23/02/2021
LTP Implementation Plan05/01/2021For Determination23/02/2021
Interim Transport Plan05/01/2021For Determination23/02/2021
Town Centre Property Acquisition09/12/2020UrgentFor Determination
In-Depth Scrutiny Report - Reablement Services04/01/2021For Determination14/01/2021
Southend New Local Plan29/12/2020For Determination23/02/2021
Controlled Parking Zone Policy16/12/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Highway Enforcement Policy16/12/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Airport Business Park - Construction and lease documents for Drive-Thru Coffee Unit14/12/2020For Determination
DfT - Active Travel Fund - Tranche 2 Grant Award14/12/2020For Determination
SARCC - Sustainable and Resilient Coastal Cities - EU Project14/12/2020For Determination
The Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme - Expression of Interest11/12/2020For Determination
Flood Risk Management Plan 211/12/2020For Determination
Notice of Motion - Food Justice Champion26/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Rough Sleeper MMC Accommodation Project20/11/2020For Determination23/02/2021
Highway Memorials Policy20/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Corporate Enforcement Policy12/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Notices of Motion12/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Annual Procurement Plan09/11/2020For Determination23/02/2021
School Term Dates09/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Determined School Admission Arrangements09/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Notice of Motion - Street Prostitution in Southend05/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Green City Action Plan01/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Empty Homes Strategy01/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Updated Council Tree Policy01/10/2020For Determination14/01/2021
ASELA Update and Local Government Reform01/10/2020For Determination23/02/2021
ASELA Update and Local Government Reform01/10/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Selective Licensing29/09/2020For Determination23/02/2021
Better use of Children's Centres17/09/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Public Health Burials01/09/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Better Queensway14/08/2020For Determination
Journey of the Child26/07/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Treasury Management - Quarter 3 2020/2127/06/2020For Determination23/02/2021
Prioritising Resources to Deliver Better Outcomes - 2021/22 to 2025/2627/06/2020For Determination16/02/2021
Treasury Management Policy - 2021/2227/06/2020For Determination16/02/2021
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget and Rent Setting Report 2021/2227/06/2020For Determination16/02/2021
Council Debt Position to 30 November 202027/06/2020For Determination14/01/2021
2020/2021 - Corporate Risk Register27/06/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Corporate Budget Performance - Period 827/06/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Draft Prioritising Resources to Deliver Better Outcomes - 2021/22 to 2025/2627/06/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Draft Housing Revenue Account Budget 2021/22 and Rent Setting27/06/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Council Tax Base and Non Domestic Rating Base 2021/2227/06/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Domestic Vehicle Crossing Policy27/06/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Emergency Active Travel Fund26/06/2020For Determination


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