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Traffic Calming measures in Thorpe Ward

We the undersigned petition the council to stop the waste of public money on proposed traffic calming measures in Thorpe Ward. They are neither needed nor wanted. Available funding should be spent where it can have the most impact, in the top worst speeding roads in the borough. Not one road in Thorpe appears in the top 50 worst roads, so why Thorpe? The speeding issues - priority ranking report presented to Traffic Regulations working party on 22nd February 2021 lists the top nine roads and suggested measures. These roads are Elm Road in Shoebury, White House Road in Eastwood, Eastwood Road North in Leigh, Eastwoodbury Lane in Southend, Eastern/Thorpe Esplanade in Southend, Station Road in Leigh, Green Lane in Eastwood, Station Road in Westcliff and Western Approaches in Southend. These roads should be prioritised over Thorpe Ward and would increase the chances of preventing serious accidents.

Thorpe Ward has statistically some of the safest roads in the Borough and there is no justification for spending much needed funds there. Residents spoke out earlier this year against similar proposals and were overwhelmingly against speed bumps, humps or pillows in Thorpe Bay. Requests for evidence supporting traffic calming measures in Thorpe have been repeatedly ignored as have questions around funding and budgets. There has been no consultation with blue light services, driving instructor associations (Thorpe Bay is a test route) or consideration of impact on those with disabilities.

Started by: Katherine Holland

This ePetition runs from 30/09/2022 to 31/12/2022.

132 people have signed this ePetition.


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