Executive post

Leader of the Council (Cabinet Member for Housing & Communities)


As Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Housing & Communities, responsibilities include:


·                    Action to address poverty

·                    Asylum seekers 

·                    Civic Affairs

·                    Community Cohesion

·                    Corporate Budget and Resource Planning (strategic lead)

·                    Corporate Planning and Strategic Direction

·                    Corporate Project Management (major capital programmes to be managed by the Deputy Leader)

·                    Council Tax and Business Rates

·                    Development of social housing

·                    Digital Strategy

·                    Emergency Planning (Strategic)

·                    Equality & Diversity

·                    Homelessness

·                    Housing advice

·                    Housing Benefit

·                    Housing development programme

·                    Housing Management (including ALMO)

·                    Housing strategy

·                    Human Resources

·                    Legal Services, Land Charges & Democratic Services

·                    Liaison with regional housing boards and RSLs

·                    Major Events & Initiatives

·                    Media & Communications

·                    Organisational Development

·                    Partnership performance delivery

·                    Performance Delivery

·                    Private sector housing standards and grants

·                    Queensway Development (Joint with Deputy Leader)

·                    Strategic housing function

·                    Support to the 3rd Sector

·                    Supporting people

The substitute Cabinet Member for this post is Councillor Ron Woodley

Post is held by


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