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Housing and Regeneration Pipeline, Including Acquisitions Programme - Update

28/02/2020 - Housing and Regeneration Pipeline, Including Acquisitions Programme - Update

The Cabinet considered a report of the Executive Director (Finance and Resources) and the Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director (Housing and Growth) providing an update on the work underway on the pipeline of housing and development opportunities across the Borough.  The report set out the proposed new arrangements for PSP Southend Limited Liability Partnership (the LLP), including the use of the PSP Housing Model to support housing delivery and support wider benefits.




1. That the progress on the Acquisitions Programme for Council Housing as set out in sections 3.5 – 3.9 of the submitted report, be noted.


2. That the progress of the first phase of housing and development pipeline sites currently in delivery as set out in sections 3.10 – 3.13 of the report, be noted.


3. That it be noted that the new arrangements for the LLP have been settled and the legal work is being completed to establish the new arrangements pursuant to minute 324 of Cabinet 17 September 2019 and Policy and Resources Scrutiny Minute 404 on 10 October 2019.




4. That the proposed new arrangements for the LLP including (i) to (viii) below, be approved:


(i) The updated aims and objectives for the LLP for 2020-2030 as set out in sections 3.13 to 3.34 of the report, including the housing model.


(ii) Establishing the new Procedure Agreement and Members Agreement between PSP Facilitating Limited (1), Southend on Sea Borough Council (2) and the LLP (3) and delegating authority to the Executive Director (Legal and Democratic Services) to finalise and complete the Agreement.


(iii) Delegate authority to the Chief Executive, including dealing with any future changes to such appointments, to:


a. Appoint the Council representatives to the LLP Partnership Board.


b. Appoint the members of the Partnership Board and the Partnership Executives.


(iv) Delegate authority to the Partnership Board, to:


a. Agree the re-branding of the LLP (creation of a new trading name),


b. The commitment (on behalf of the Council) to funds for feasibility and project delivery within budgets already approved for housing and development delivery,


c. Following a Cabinet decision to opt land in to the LLP for the delivery of agreed objectives, to progress the development of the land through the LLP in accordance with the objectives for that land subject to each project clearing the required financial and legal due diligence tests.


(v) Delegate authority to the Director of Property & Commercial to request that the LLP consider the initial feasibility of sites following their appraisal through the development pipeline process (noting that Cabinet approval will be required prior to any site being legally opted in to the LLP for delivery).


(vi) That any necessary amendments be made to the Constitution to reflect the recommendations in 4 above.


(vii) That it be noted that the matters identified in Appendix 1 to the report are matters which will be reserved for the Shareholder Board.


5. That, subject to Council approval, an initial budget of £5 million be identified in the Capital Programme for the delivery of housing through the LLP and authority be delegated to the Executive Director (Finance and Resources) to finalise the terms and make loans to the LLP within the allocated budget to enable delivery of development in accordance with the principles of the PSP Housing Model and subject to any schemes delivering an appropriate and sustainable return on investment.


Reasons for decisions:


1. To provide an update on the progress of the Pipeline of Housing & Development opportunities namely, Phases 3 & 4 HRA infill sites, acquisition programme and LLP developments.


2. To provide an update on the pipeline and regeneration framework.


3. To provide an update on progress in establishing the LLP for the next 10 year period and to enable the new LLP arrangements to be established to provide additional delivery capacity to help the Council meet housing delivery targets.


Other options:


As set out in the submitted report


Note: The decisions in 1-3 above constitute Executive Functions. The decisions in 4-5 above constitute Council Functions.

Eligible for call-in to: Policy and Resources Scrutiny Committee

Cabinet Members: Cllr Gilbert and Cllr Woodley


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