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Lower the speed in Fairfax drive

We the undersigned petition the council to I would like the council to reduce the speed by 10MPH, install speedbumps or speed cameras on Fairfax drive, and reduce or better manage the number of cars that pass Fairfax drive.

Dear neighbours

I ask for your help to lower the max speed and improve the air quality in our street by reducing the number of cars that pass here and installing speed bumps and speed cameras.

I have created this petition for that. There is no reason for the speed on our street to be 30mph, considering that we are in a residential area. The speed limits on this road are unnecessarily high, especially at night-time.

These speeds should be lowered by 10 MPH and use a better system to manage the number of cars passing on our street.

Some of the main reasons for this is

- This is a residential area, and all the parallel streets to Fairfax drive have a speed of 20MPH, so when drivers turn to Fairfax drive, they tend to speed up quite a lot.

- Road noise affects house prices by about 10-20%

- When the road is busy, there isn't always room to move around the bikes safely.
But people take the risk, and instead of driving their bicycles on the road, they do it on the sidewalks.

That sometimes is dangerous for the elderly or anyone walking with their kids or pets that live or are walking by Fairfax drive might not hear a bicycle coming.

- The speed limit at the moment is 30MPH, but most people go above that speed limit.
In the evenings is even worse, because there are always cars parked on the curb. This has caused other people that are driving a car or a bicycle on the road to be close to being involved in an accident. If this doesn't change, more accidents will occur.

I have lived on this street for the last 5 years.
I reckon that speed has always been the issue.
Even when vehicles are traveling at the current legal speed. I want to change it.

Lowering the speed will improve the air quality, the sound pollution, and have an impact on house prices because no one wants to live on a street where people speed.

Overall, I need your support. I want to improve the safety of these roads by lowering the death risk and the noise caused by cars. I want to make a change in our community where parents feel that their children are safely traveling to and from school.
So that the whole community is safe on these roads.
Please help this cause by signing this petition.

Started by: Goncalo Pereira

This ePetition ran from 23/02/2023 to 06/04/2023 and has now finished.

16 people signed this ePetition.


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